What is your deep thoughts about Faye? Send me your deepest thoughts and I'll public them on those pages.

Faye in April 1999 Ok. I AM BEGINNING MANDARIN CLASSES THIS SATURDAY TO UNDERSTAND HER. Her voice is just enchanting. That said, I must say I am amazed. Her artistry and musicianship are waaaay above the average singer [not just the Asian music scene, I mean THE PLANET], particularly the latter part of her discography, where you can really feel she's in charge. It is just amazing. And Yes, she does have fans everywhere, I'm from Panama [That's Latin America -> Central America]. MARK MY WORDS, her cd's [especially the artistic, less commercial ones] will be used as THE REFERENCE for musical style studies in Asia and beyond. She'll be remembered as the greatest Diva of Asia for many years to come.
C.R. Sanjur, Panama

I love Faye because of her ethereal voice and her personality. I'd been listening to her songs since 1993 and she never cease to amaze me with her vocals and composing talent! I feel honored that chi musical ind have someone like her, so unique and with quality.

I'll go KL in April to attend her concert soon. This is the second time in my life to watch her live performance!! I'm so anticipated for the day to come! I really enjoy her concert back in 1999 in KL, which I gave A+!!

Faye: I hope that you will be happy always and please produce and compose more music. That's my only wish from you!! I love you!!!
Alvin, S'pore fan.

I've listened to her songs since the album "Sky" I couldn't say I'm a fanatical fan of hers, e.g. if I saw her in front of me at some place I wouldn't go around shouting like crazy but I think I will just keep on staring at her. She's special. Recently I started downloading many of her pictures not because my 'feelings' for her has grown to a certain extent, but by realising the fact that she's 34 already, and I dun think she will ever sing for another 10 or 15 yrs to come.. I guess; with her way od dealing with things, she would just suddenly walk away; and left eveything on a stand still; even time. Thats why I guess we all, especially we chinese people, should cherish her. I dun think our later generations can have the same luck as we, to have such an icon.

When I heard "Eyes On Me", I don't know anything about her, but her voice is amazing. I started to find more things about her (pics, songs), and now I love her very much. Her voice is unique and also her beauty. I'm living in VietNam, and she is not well known at here, but I hope that she'll have more fan in VietNam in the future. I don't know Chinese, so I can't understand her songs, but that's not a problem, I'll love her from now and forever ^_^ .
Truong Hoang Nhan

What I learnt from observing Chat MSN with Faye: Won, Fei (Wong, Faye) -- to me is just a special person with the REAL passion for making music. Because I am a musician too I see her in a different light than her "fans" would. BUT -- who am I to say, but I am just sharing a thought right? Fans have hopes and wet-dreams of touching her and talking her ears off. I have hopes of maybe "jamming with her" and co-producing albums or small projects with her, musically.

Her own original compositions I really admire greatly, because she puts a lot of meaning into what we would think as "insignificant sounds". Her voice goes beyond a lot of "singers voices'" would, making her an innovator and creative "artist" and not simply just a singer/entertainer. Because from what I observe from her, she could care less if you are entertained by her. She doesn't seem critical that way and it's that sort of confidence that has brought her to where she is now. Just giving the music out as it comes to her and hoping her sharing it will inspire all.

Her multi-images and styles really compliments her own inner spirit and personality I believe, because only she can get away with such images. Since 1993 the real fun Faye has continued to shine through. She always seems really happy with her images; if she isn't happy though, then I guess she is real professional at keeping that to "successful-herself"! Good for Faye!

Listening to her music just as it is, really gives me a great idea of how much this "creative spirit" really reaches out and beyond, to new grounds in making music. She is also really consistent in what she likes too. Keeping always to a very Faye style, a very true to herself style you can say. Not meaning that all her songs have to always sound like her own style only; but that she puts all she's got into all of them, "her way", and that takes a lot! You can tell she spends a lot of time and effort into producing a single CD. The fact that she is her own back up singer and choir and composer/arranger -- wow! Tells you a lot about the music of Faye.

No matter if it's her top 40s type tunes or her really really out of this world ones. Faye always works hard to make them sound most unique and uncompromising of her own talent and gift.I feel the same way about very few "musicians" out there, the only other one is maybe Bjork. But I'll leave that to the Bjork mailing list (giggles)!

Take care all and FAYE RULES (for all the right reasons).
Vi An, Hong Kong

FAYE WONG, she's the one who influence me to accept chinese music.... she is just too great....the way she speak......the style she sing.....the unique voice of her.......the way she ignored those gossips........just too hard to say in just a few words.........

Faye, actually really has her own style of personality....... She show the true side of herself...... From her , i learn something ...... I learned that I still can survive even if lose something,I don't need other peoples help......there is no such thing that we won't able to live without someone or something...........too rely to others will just bring harm to us........

Somemore i have learned that if we feel something is right,then we have do the best to achieve the goal evethough if other peoples don't agree with what we do....as long as we think it is right & will make ownself happy.....ofcoz it won't bring harm to other peoples....... it's hard to say..... once i listen to her songs.....seem like it's expressing my feelings.. a few songs i really terribly like it.........such as Chesspiece..... I'm Willing.......Eyes On Me.......and many more......... when i'm down this songs really give me the strength to forget those sad things.........really can't say out through just a few words.....

but i'm very REGRET that i didn't go for Faye's Concert in Malaysia in 1998.......really a MISS!! WILL U PERFORM IN MALAYSIA FOR THE SECOND TIME??? REALLY HOPE THAT.....MY DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!!! ^_^ anyway , WE are here to support u forever........ "MORE MUSIC , LESS GOSSIPS "
yew hon from malaysia..kl..

Faye Wong is an individual-that is how I feel about her. Not every person is a true individual, because more or less within themselves they cast shadows upon each other. But Faye, who embarked on a journey of self-search, is now an individual who understands herself and treats herself with the utmost sincerity. She is willing to pay, at any cost, for that which she dreams or aspires, and not once would she consider part of that process unbearable or difficult. That is the reason why she stands out among the myriad of people in the world. Being egocentric actually contains nothing unacceptable, but rather is a necessary attitude for every person. How wonderful it is to be a person independent of other people's influence and will, be it good or bad! In her music, I can detect a sense of persistence, a sense of no regret.

Of course everyone yearns for perfection when faced with what is dearest. I believe-the more I believe-I will witness perfection. From her, I learned not to regret. As long as that is what I choose, whether good or bad, I will not regret anything or blame anyone. Don't just think of others; be good to yourself first, for how can you expect yourself to bring happiness to others when you're not even happy yourself? If you see a person who is happy from the bottom of his heart, anyone will learn to overlook his shortcomings, and everything else will become, all of a sudden, irrelevant. I want her to be happy-don't take that away from me-that is my happiness. Laugh when I want to smile, yell when I want to cry; I don't judge you, so don't judge me. Too emotional, you say? Faye, after all, is only a human being.
Julia Tang

I got to know her in 1990 when she began to be the pop queen in Hong Kong. She is really amazing when I first catch her charm. She has her own philosophy and life which I'm really envy of. It's really difficult for someone to do what they like and like by others at the same time especially in this realistic wolrd.futhermore, I also like the way she speaks. From what I know, every word she says is so meaningful. Remember the phrase "more music, less gossip". As her fan, I feel proud of her. She is going on with what she want to do without bothering what people think about her. Actually, I think this is not easy for her especially when she is in love with Nicholas. We might get a shock about it but we are no one to give any commend about this.she is just chosing what she love. What can I say to those who don't like her is take a minute to think what she had said and you will find that she is not only a good singer but someone who we can learn from. For other fans of her, give her your full support for you will never regret.... I won't say I am a loyal fan of her for I never buy every album of her, keep every photos of her but I truly respect her and hope that she will keep on be a shinning star in the universe of music....
Asy, Malaysia

Even though I'm not a Mainstream Pop fan, Faye is quite possibly my favourite singer (I listen to more instrumental music e.g. Trance, Dance, Trip-Hop, Ambient et cetera.) The first time I even heard of her was reading a walkthrough or some page about Final Fantasy VIII, then I downloaded the (Eyes On Me) song from the net. Man!, I could capture the feeling of it without playing the game (as most game music becomes understandable after playing the game, and Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy Music Composer, claims that Eyes On Me is game music, not mainstream pop.) After listening to it when it was tied into the game i gave me even more appreaciation for the song. I can never get tired of that song and any of her other ones. My other favourite Faye Wong song is Butterfly and I hope to watch Chungking Express someday and meet The Queen of World Pop. The only thing that sucks is that I live in a sh!tty town and the only way to get that kind of music is through the net! I tend to like Oriental music, modern and cultural, even though I don't understand any of the words. But I feel it is the meaning behind the words that counts. My endeavour right now is to learn Nihon-go (Japanese), Mandarin and Cantonese. Wish me luck! btw: Rinoa in Final Fantasy VIII looks vaguely (very vaguely) like Miss Wong.
Sapalo Shafooli - Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

I first heard Faye Wong sing when i heard "Eyes On Me." I loved her voice and got more songs that she sang. She's my favorite singer and the weird thing is: I'm not Chinese. I have no idea what the heck she's sayin' in some of her songs, but she sings so beautiful that it almost feels like I know what she's saying. I have wondered this question for a long time - will she ever become famous here in America? I know that she's famous in China, Canada, and Taiwan, but here in America, her name is unknown. Only some FF8 fans might know her name. So I hope that one day she'll become famous ALL around the world and that she'll win a Grammy. ^_^
Oriana O'Connor

I really don't know how to express myself, but i'd like to share to Faye fans that Faye has fans all over the world. I bought my first two (I bought them at the same time) albums march 1993 out of curiousity, and I start liking them (the songs), since then I became a diehard Faye fan. from her songs that are easy to listen at, I also learn to love the songs she composed! i've been an obedient fan, when Faye doesn't want to interfere with her personnal life, and no media allowed, I started to ignore all the writings about her (one good thing here is that there are few entertainment news to look at) and accept her for what she is (her marriage, divorce, with Nick, etc...) I only care for her music. my greatest dream is to watch her concert here(not in other city but only here), which is really not possible (although everything is possible, right?) well i'm not losing hope. I often think what will I say to her if I met her. i'm still waiting for my fable cd to arrive here, and as of now, I just listen to the downloaded music :( to fellow Faye fans, support her by buying ORIGINAL CD!
manila girl
where else? from Manila, Philippines

Though what you sing can not be heard
the import thing is not the word.
Just the tone and sound of your voice
is more than enough to make me rejoice.
Though you are no where near
I know it would be silly to fear.
For your music must be blessed
when I hear it my soul's at rest.
When I find myself down and grey
the solution is simple, it's Faye.
The sound snd song are so pure
that I find it to be the cure.
To help myself from getting down
to help myself eliminate a frown.
I can safely say and have others agree
that body, and voice you have great beauty.
There's not much more which I can say.
except for this on which I pray.
That one day I can comprehend
and have my understanding extend.
To enjoy more than just the sound
but also the words which within are bound.

Though I don't speak a word, the songs them self seem to be magical in a way which I can not beging to explain. The only song which I have heard and understood would be "Eyes on Me" (which I heard in Final Fantasy 8 (Squaresoft)). That song did something to me, it opened me up ever so slightly, which is quite fortunate, as I was at my lowest piont in life. Eversince I get her music whenever I can. However, I am sad to say that selection is more than scarce in Ottawa, I have howerever managed to pick up "Sing and Play" and find Red Bean amazing. I'd just like to say: Thank you for the music, I don't know where I'd be now without it, except for posibly gone. You will always hold a special place in my heart for what you have done for me.

Richard Quesnel - Ottawa, Ontario Canada

I love you but you don't know me,
I worship you but you don't hear me,
It doesn't really matter, not at all.
Just remember that I'll be out here,
Always loving and supporting you, till the day we die.
You are so close yet so far away,
What if I do see you?
I'll just be a drop in the ocean, one out of so many,
I'll arrive quietly, leave quietly, not disturbing your world.
Thank you for your music, they have seen me through so much.
No thing in the world holds any interest to me now;
Sights are worthless after seeing one so beautiful,
Voices are meaningless after listening to one so divine.
You are so close yet so far away.

Always behind you, that's a promise
P.S. Why is your voice so intoxicating, I find it more pleasurable than anything, I need to listen to at least one song when I wake up or I am just a zombie. I am addicted

a person on the 'deep thoughts' page said, '...I even listen to her Madarin songs even though I'm cantonese just to hear her voice!' and I have got to say: I barely speak five words of Cantonese, and maybe ten of Mandarin, but I have more Faye albums than any other single artist... Her songs are too beautiful.
Thanks, Ira

Faye's voice is so beautiful that I even listen to her Madarin songs even though I'm cantonese just to hear her voice!

Why is Faye a phenomenon? The pictures of Faye that I have seen on the web make me think that Faye is less thinner than before her pregnancy. Of course, this doesn't change at all my perception of her elegance. She is and will be forever the best female artist Asia. I like her because I think that Faye is the truest artist in the Hong Kong's music industry. She has a husband and a daughter and people around the world still loves her. I think that this is incredible! She is not like the other "clowns" who try very hard to hide their love affair or other things that could shock their fans. Faye,the most you are yourself, the most we love you!

I really like this line Faye said recently: " Singers don't always have to promote their songs and "appear" to the audiences all the time!! Their job is to sing good songs!! I don't understand why the H.K. media/audiences have to see the singer so often!!"

I agree... look at other singers in hk.... they promote , promote, and promote!! We see them ALL THE TIME on t.v. and many many media like radio, newspapers, etc.... I mean, the Western singers don't promote so much!! Good song is the key for singers. I mean, sometimes we don't really like the songs in hk..... but it feel more comfortable and we feel we like it because WE HEAR THEM SO MUCH!! T.V. commercials...... These songs are usually catchy but we'll get bored of them very soon. Usually these songs doesn't last long......... I think usually songs that last long are songs that we don't love at first listen... then you'll begin to like them everytime you listen,and like it even more and more.........!! Faye's song are REALLY durable to listen to!! Especially the Di-dar and Impatience album, I think.

You won't get tired of listening it over and over again, Although I am not saying taht teh other albums are not worth listening to... Those 2 albums, Decadent Sound, and Impatience brings out a different view to people's opinion of the Chinese music industry!!!! All Faye's album have a unique touch to it... you won't seem to actually hear the same style of singing in any 2 albums.... her emotions are just carried through so well as well, and it expresses each song in a very unique way.... All in all, teh main point which I would like to get to is that faye's albums are the best..... Both the Dacadent Sound and Impatience are so special... although Decadence Sound is just a remake of Teresa Teng's songs, it was actually done in a more modern, yet remaining the kind of style of teh songs which are sung by Teresa herself... uhmm, not sure if you get what I actually mean by that.... anwyay, on teh otehr hand, Impatience is more alternative... a different perspective on what you hear from Chinese music.... most people get thrown off listening to Chinese music, because they are often off teh same style and all..... Impatience brought a new way of viewing the Chinese music industry!!!
Maryanne Gul

What Is This Faye Thing?What is this Faye thing? Izzit the way she sings? Izzit the aura that seems, Like something she casually brings? What is this Faye thing? Previously unfelt, Suddenly, out of nowhere,Protruding into our lives? What is this Faye thing, That amazingly smittens, Hundreds of thousands, Millions and millions...? What is this Faye thing? Izzit her charisma and charm? Does Love-potion #9 really exist? Izzit her being cool and calm? What is this Faye thing? Izzit something she portrays? Like that of a play? Or izzit something she does, everyday? What is this Faye thing? That we all adore? Her wackiness and grace,Pretentious? Not a trace. What is this Faye thing, That's seemingly contagious? We love her, adore her, Every step, we cheer.

Hi Faye, I love all your songs coz they are very unique and special in their own way! You are really a talented singer! Please sing more good songs (I like Cantonese ones because I don't know Mandarin!) and I will always support you!...

Faye is the best!!!! I like to listen Faye's song since I was in grade 7. Unfortunately, I am raised in Canada and I don't have chance to see Faye's concert or her performance. When will Faye come toToronto and have concert here?
Chrissy Lin

Faye you'll never walk alone, I love You. A fan from Kuala Lumpur Of Malaysia
Thomas Yim

I'm your faithful fan. Fern is my name and I'm from Malaysia. I like your songs very much since 1992. Lastly, I would like to wish you to have a happy life ever after.
Teo Pih Fen

Although reporters have been reporting that she is very cool ,it is the voice that matters....and FAYE WONG certainly has the bez female voice in the chinese pop!i hope she will come to Singapore more often coz i liked her since the "mi" album! i juz wanna let fayewong know that no matter what happens, i will still support her!!!!!!!!! 4eva!!
Lai Shui Fa

Hi Faye, I am one of your fans. My sister and me really like to listen to your songs. U have a good voice. I hope U will enjoy your life with your family. Please don't tease at my email. I hope you will email me back, but i understand U are very busy. May be you don't even have time to read my email. But it's ok, don't worry. Admire the way you did.
Kitty Tam