Faye at Zhuhai concert 1999 31 Jan 2000 -- EMI Taiwan made available some information about the new OLS VCD and HK Scenic Tour VCD, if you read Chinese that is :) The cover for OLS VCD will look like this: Click it for a bigger pic. Megan has translated the titels for both VCDs, you can check them at her page, at least for a few more days until she got some new news up.

30 Jan 2000 -- You can download the RealVideo files from the Channel V Award show now. Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

28 Jan 2000 -- I received an email from EMI today. The HK concert VCD and OLS Karaoke VCD will released at same time on Feb 3 except for Taiwan where they will be released on Feb 1.

28 Jan 2000 -- Faye attended yesterday's Channel V award show in Beijing. Faye won 2 awards, "The moon then" as song award and I guess another most popular female award. You can watch a pic with Faye and Na Ying here. Pic from Sianz, the text from Didar

24 Jan 2000 -- Faye's HK concert VCD will be released on Feb 1 and her Karaoke VCD will release soon after that. The karaoke includes Eyes on me, Red Bean and 9 other new MTVs from OLS.  Source: Didar

24 Jan 2000 -- There is an article in The Sun from the "RTHK Top 10 Award".

24 Jan 2000 -- Aiyiya Top20 is back again after a short break. "Moon at That Moment" (·í®Éªº¤ë«G) is on place No. 6 this week, down one step since last top list.

23 Jan 2000 -- You can download RealAudio files from the "RTHK Top 10 Award", thanks to Steve. Here they are: Present award with Carina || Repayment || Postman || Most popular asian female || Last Blossom.

22 Jan 2000 -- If you missed the LIVE audio broadcast of RTHK... don't worry, you can listen to the whole award show here. It has Faye but I don't know which part!  Source: Didar

21 Jan 2000 -- Faye won 4 (!) at the RTHK Top 10 Awards. WOW!!! Faye won "Top 10 singer" award, "Repayment" as song award, "Postman" as Best Song Melody award and "Most popular Asian female singer" award.  Source: Didar

20 Jan 2000 -- Listen to Faye at RTHK Top 10 award show on Jan 21 at 8 pm HK time (1pm WET). You can watch it live on Jan 23 but Jan 21 is audio only.   Source: Didar

20 Jan 2000 -- Singapore Fayenatics Home are currently reworking their homepage to a totaly new look, if you like to have a preview, take a look here. Update - The preview is gone, sorry if you missed. it.

17 Jan 2000 -- Two more awards to Faye! She won "JSG Best 10 Award" for Repayment and "Most Popular Asian Hong Kong Female Singer Award" There is two RealVideos to download from Singapore Fayenatics Home. Part 1 || Part 2 I also have two pictures from the event.  Source: A Faye Wong Site

16 Jan 2000 -- Not so much happening right now, I'm afraid ... Anyway, you can watch "JSG Final Award show" online here. Faye should be attending so watch LIVE at 8 pm HK time.  Source: Didar

11 Jan 2000 -- Order Faye's new album from Asia CD now.
US$ 17.99


11 Jan 2000 -- I read somewhere that a tour is comming up second half of this year. Stay tuned for more info.

11 Jan 2000 -- Didar has got scanned pics from Faye's first album in China 1985. A MUST to visit for every Fayenatics. Go to WIND COME FROM WHERE ? now!

10 Jan 2000 -- Faye and Tong is back in Hong Kong from Beijing, read a scanned news aticle about it here (437 kb). Source: Hypnotized - A Faye Site

10 Jan 2000 -- Please vote for FAYE! [TVB JSG - «l ºq ª÷ ¦± Á` ¿ï] You MUST REGISTER at http://www.tvb.com.hk/reg.htm first. Vote at http://www.tvb.com.hk/jsg/1999final/index.htm. Thanks Steve for the info.

7 Jan 2000 -- Faye is featured in yea another paper, this tim it's Nü You in Singapore. Also, read this article. Source: A Faye Wong Site

5 Jan 2000 -- EMI Taiwan have an interesting article about the new Scenic Tour ablum, go there and read it.

5 Jan 2000 -- Faye Wong and Shania Twain are the best selling artists in Singapore in 1999, reported by Asia E-Online!.

3 Jan 2000 -- "Moon at That Moment" (·í®Éªº¤ë«G) is on place No. 5 on this weeks Aiyiya Top20. This is the 6th week on the list, well done. Please visit Aiyiya Top20 and vote for Faye's song!

3 Jan 2000 -- Happy birthday to Tong, 3 years today!