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29 Apr 2003

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25 Apr 2003 -- Yesterday was the last day to submit films for Cannes Film Festival and as expected, "2046" is not submitted. Furthermore, cinematographer Jean-Yves Escoffier who was working on "2046" died earlier this month of a heart seizure, age 52. Hopefully this will not affect the already shot part of the movie so they can use them in the future with a new cinematographer.

24 Apr 2003

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22 Apr 2003 -- A user in Eva's forum posted some nice scans from old magazines with pictures of Faye. Be warned that the download time could be exstensive if you have a modem connection. The posts are here and here.

17 Apr 2003

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16 Apr 2003

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13 Apr 2003 -- I got some scanns from Next Magazine No. 674, you can see them in my magazine section.

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10 Apr 2003

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9 Apr 2003 -- Swedish nation wide newspaper Aftonbladet has an article from Leslie Cheungs funeral with some photoes, one with Faye. Also Norwegian Verdens Gang have a report. Below is a translation of the article in Aftonbladet to English:

Leslie Cheung burried in Hong Kong. Fans greives the star from "Farwell My Concubine".
Today Chinese singer and actor Leslie Cheung was burried, he became worldwide famous for his part in "Farwell My Concubine".
Last week Leslie Cheung, 46, jumped out of a window from luxury Mandarin Orient Hotel in Hong Kong. He left behind a note saying he committed suiside because of big personal problems. The suiside was much-discussed since he killed himself the same way as in the horror movie "Inner senses".

Played 60 roles.
Leslie Cheaung did more then 60 movies and became famous all over the world for "Farwell My Concubine" where he played a homosexual opera singer. Cheung got a Oscar nomination for that role. He also played with Jean-Claude Van Damme in the Hollywood movie "Knock off".
Today actor/actress colleagues and thousands of fans said Farwell to the actor. Many of them were wearing masks to forestall the SARS virus.

Picture text from up, down. Pic 1:
Cousins and friends to the deceased Leslie Cheung and colleague Tong Hok-Tak, second from left.
Pic 2:
Thousands of fans mourns Leslie Cheung. They are wearing masks in order to forestall the SARS virus.
Pic 3:
Hong Kong acress Faye Wong in the middle of the picture came to the funeral.
Pic 4:
Actor Tony Leund and actress Carina Lau.

8 Apr 2003 -- Faye wrote the following dedication to Leslie: "You are the one who don't like to be lonely, finally you become the legend. You make all the people who loves you cry for you. I hope your uncomfortable spirit can rest in peace.... farewell in tears. Faye" The funeral will be held today.

8 Apr 2003 -- Hero new have been released in Europe now, in Sweden, Finland and Greece for instance. For you who can understand Swedish or Finnish, here is some reviews:

Aftonbladet, Sweden
Passagen, Sweden (English translation)
TV4, Sweden
Movie Magazine, Finland
YLE, Finland
Nyt, Finland
Moon TV, Finland

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The Sun HK

7 Apr 2003

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5 Apr 2003

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2 Apr 2003

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1 Apr 2003 -- Some sad news today is that actor and close friend to Faye, Leslie Cheung, commited suiside. Leslie played together with Faye in "Okinawa Rendez-Vous". Read more at BBC News.

1 Apr 2003 -- Earlier reports suggests Wong Kar-Wai will make a rush delivery of his "2046" to this year's Cannes Film Festival. But according to news from an unidentified source, there is little hope for that, because, according to the Taiwanese representative of Wong's company, the filming has not ended and work on a lot of CG effects have not started yet. According to Sina.com, Leung Chiu-Wai has finished all scenes with Zhang Ziyi, and he knew nothing about his scenes with Maggie Cheung, Faye Wong and Lau Kar-ling, because he had not got the script yet. He said Zhang Ziyi was playing a dancer and he had some hot kissing scene with her.   Source: Monkeypeaches